With thanks and appreciation to all our riders and sponsors for the past 22 years, the Mountain Explorer Bus Service will conclude at the end of its last run on Saturday, March 2nd.

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ADDITIONAL FLAG STOPS…not listed on the maps, may be added at the discretion of the Mountain Explorer based on safety and rider requirements.

To be picked-up roadside at a flag stop, please be at the stop no later than the time scheduled for the previous stop. Face the direction of the approaching bus and wave at the driver. To be dropped-off at a flag stop, please tell the driver as you board.

Drop-offs can be provided anywhere along the route deemed safe by the driver. Please request a drop-off when you board.

Additional flex-route service may be available by calling 207-330-3304 selection 1, from 7 AM to 5 PM Mon-Friday, and from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday, at least 24 hours in-advance, to arrange for at-curb pick up within 3/4 mile of the route on publicly-maintained roads during the Mountain Explorer’s scheduled operating hours.

Service Notes:

Service is subject to change without notice.

Flex-Route & Bethel Airport Service

AIRPORT AND FLEX-ROUTE SERVICE EXPLAINED… For Bethel Airport pick-up, or Flex-Route reservations, please call 207-330-3304 as far in advance as possible of your desired trip.

The Mountain Explorer can be your FREE local ride to, or from, any destination within 3/4 mile of the scheduled route, on public roads, during scheduled operating hours, if it is considered safe by the operator. The time of your pick-up will be between the times of scheduled stops on either side of your location.

You can use the Mountain Explorer for more than going to the mountain…you can ride to work, restaurants and pubs, shopping, banks, local hair, healthcare, dental or eye appointments, or almost anywhere in-town, FREE!



The Mountain Explorer was founded in 2000 and is open to the public to provide safe, free, more environmentally-friendly transportation for residents and winter visitors, and a reliable designated driver option. The Mountain Explorer is operated by Western Maine Transportation Services and supported by the towns of Bethel and Newry, the Federal Transit Administration, Maine Department of Transportation, Sunday River, Gould Academy, The Bethel Inn Resort, local businesses, associations and other sponsors listed on this schedule.


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