Commuter bus between Dixfield and Sunday River  runs 7-days-a-week, from 12/2/2019 through 3/17/2020 dependent on end-of-season conditions.

If you’re working at the Mountain, let us be your ride!

Download a printable PDF Mountain Express schedule HERE
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Cover Photograph of skier making a turn in powder snow on a trail with snow-covered trees Winter 2019-2020 Free Shuttle Bus Map & Schedule See inside for daily schedule and hours of operation Open to the Public For Bethel Airport Pick-up & Local Flex-Route Service Please Call 207-330-3304 In-Advance

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Download a printable PDF Mountain Explorer schedule HERE

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Mountain Explorer Schedule 2019-2020 Season

Daily Service Dec 26 – April 5

NOTE: Sunday, April 5th service ends at 5:00 PM
PLEASE NOTE… The Gould Academy Field House stop “GA” has been moved to the corner of Winter and Church Streets as shown on the map below.

ADDITIONAL FLAG STOPS…not listed on the maps, may be added at the discretion of the Mountain Explorer based on safety and rider requirements

Mountain Explorer Linear Route Map shows additional "flag" stops at Midtown Bethel across from Bethel Shop and Save, Lower Main Street Bethel by the Mountain View Mall, Info Center and Chmaber of Commerce, the intersection of Parkway and Route 2 by Mallard Mart and Walgreens Pharmacy, Mountain Vista Condominiums on Vista Road in Newry and the Red House Farm Village off Skiway Road in Newry


Service Notes:

Service is subject to change without notice.

Flex-Route & Bethel Airport Service

AIRPORT AND FLEX-ROUTE SERVICE EXPLAINED… For Bethel Airport pick-up, Flex-Route reservation, or group arrangements please call 207-330-3304 as far in advance as possible of your desired trip.

The Mountain Explorer can be your FREE local ride to, or from, any destination within 3/4 mile of the scheduled route, on public roads, during normal operating hours, if it is considered safe by the operator. The time of your pick-up will be between the times of scheduled stops on either side of your location.

You can use the Mountain Explorer for more than going to the mountain…you can ride to work, restaurants and pubs, shopping, banks, local hair, healthcare, dental or eye appointments, or almost anywhere in-town, FREE!

Ability to serve any location is based on safety, ability to turn the bus around, and that it must be on a public road. Service is at the discretion of the operator. The green outline below shows the approximate flex-route boundaries.

Service is provided only during normal hours of operation and may require riders to be on the bus for an extended period of time depending on pick-up and drop-off locations.

2019-2020-Mountain Explorer flex-route boundary map




The Mountain Explorer was founded in 2000 and is open to the public to provide safe, free, more environmentally-friendly transportation for residents and winter visitors, and a reliable designated driver option. The Mountain Explorer is operated by Western Maine Transportation Services and supported by the towns of Bethel and Newry, the Federal Transit Administration, Maine Department of Transportation, Sunday River, Gould Academy, The Bethel Inn Resort, local businesses, associations and other sponsors listed on this schedule.



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